Pets as Fitness Partners - By Emily

Over the years I have tried many different fitness activities and have had many different fitness partners. I have found that the best fitness partner tends to be your own pet. Dogs are the perfect fitness partner. 

People tend to get sick, make other plans, or lose interest in working out. A dog will always accompany you when working out, and do it with enthusiasm. When I get in a routine, it doesn’t take long for the dogs to realize they are part of my new regimen. I swear, dogs can tell time. Within a few days, the dogs know what time we should be exercising and are barking and ready to go. On days when I’m not feeling up to it, the dogs remind me that they are more than feeling up to it.  I can be sitting on the couch and they come up barking and nudging me ready to go. As soon as they see my shoes come out they are excited and running to the door. 

Through the years I have been rollerblading, running, walking, and bicycling with the dogs (although the bike takes a lot of coordination and doesn’t work well for me). Walking and rollerblading are my favorite. I have found I can walk the dogs at a fast people-pace and the dogs stay right with me. When rollerblading, the dogs can go as fast as they want, and I have no trouble keeping up. When running, my people-pace is no where near their canine-running-pace and they are either pulling me along or half walking with me. 

I do not use, or recommend, an extenda-type leash when running, or walking. The only time I use the extendable leash is when rollerblading. I keep them no more than 4 feet ahead of me, but if they get a sudden burst of energy, or lunge after a bunny, this gives me a few seconds to react before they hit the end of the leash. 

I do prefer a Lupine halter when exercising with my dogs. It gives me a bit more control, without jerking their head or neck. I did take time before-hand to train them on how to behave when using the halter. Seeing a different halter and leash sets up a different attitude for me and the dogs. They know something fun is about to happen, but also know it means they have to behave. 

An added bonus to exercising with your pet is having a tired pet. A tired puppy is a good puppy. They get the exercise that is needed for their mental and physical health, and are less prone to get into trouble, chew things they aren’t supposed, dig holes, etc. 

Exercising with my dogs gives us both the physical exercise we need, and the accountability I need to stay on target with my plans.

Guest post by Emily

John Lehne - Cancer Exercise Specialist

We are excited to announce that John Lehne has gotten his Cancer Exercise Specialist (CES) certification. The Cancer Exercise Specialist certification is developed for health and fitness professionals to gain higher levels of mastery and work with persons living with cancer in post-operative exercise and help improve quality of life. "In my opinion, being a CES and having the private gym setting that 302 Fitness offers is an excellent way for those that are not comfortable in an impersonal group setting [to] obtain a way to get the specialized attention they need," stated John. He is one of 2 CESs in Delaware and one of only a handful in all of Delmarva. 

The course that John completed consisted of exercise implications and contraindications for 25 types of cancer, surgery, reconstruction, and treatments; breast reconstruction and contraindications for exercise; preventing and identifying lymphedema; dealing with cancer related pain, as well as mental and physical fatigue; conducting postural and range of motion assessments; neurological complications of cancer treatment; and alternative ways to use gym equipment to maximize benefits for various cancer procedures. 

John is currently accepting clients living with cancer for personal training.

For questions, concerns, or comments please feel free to contact John at 302.745.8338 or 

April Group Workout Calendar

Only one change, this month Zumba with Heather will be moving to 10:00am from 9:30 to try to obtain better attendance.


  • 11:00 AM- 684 Circuit with John 
  • 12:00 PM- Ab Lab with John


  • 6:00 AM- Boot Camp with John
  • 10:00 AM- Zumba with Heather
  • 6:30 PM- Zumba Sentao with Tanja


  • 6:00 AM- 684 Circuit with John
  • 6:15 PM- Ab Lab with John
  • 6:30 PM- 684 Circuit with John


  • 11:00 AM- Ab Lab

684 Circuit: 6 minutes of cardio, 8 exercise circuit, and a 4 minute core finale. Limit 8 people.

Ab Lab: It’s a 20 minute total core workout with stabilizing movements and strength training that will tone your midsection. Only $5!

Boot Camp: Body weight movements that include plyometrics, strength building, and explosive exercises to help you build the strongest body you can. 

Run Clinic: Learn proper technique, warm ups, muscle activation, stretching and more. Winter classes focus highly on leg maintenance, agility, and core strength.

Zumba: Combines Latin and International music with a fun and effective workout system. Join the Party! 

Zumba Sentao: Combines strength & resistance training with innovative dance fitness moves all centered around a chair. It tones muscle, strengthens core and torches calories.

Vitamix 5200 - product review

For my first guest post on 302 Fitness, I have decided to review the Vitamix 5200. As some of you may know, I love, love, love my Vitamix! I’ve often been asked what I use my Vitamix for... what don’t I use my Vitamix for is more like it. 

I’ve used it to make smoothies (I feel like that’s an obvious one), soups, flour, “cheese”, cranberry sauce, waffles, pancakes, dressing, cookies, etc. I’ve even used it to puree chili and other soups with meat for my little one who doesn’t like the texture of meat. 

I will freely admit I have been brought to tears over my Vitamix... twice. The first time, I was using it to blend no bake cookies and the mix was heavy. In the middle of processing, it turned off and would not turn back on. I thought I broke it for good. I called John in to fix it and had to leave the room. Turns out the Vitamix has an overheat function and will shut itself off so that the motor doesn’t burn up. After a 20 minute cooling off period, it ran like new. 

The 2nd time, I was making smoothies for breakfast and found out there was a crack in the canister. At that time I couldn’t afford to replace it and thought I was completely out of luck. After a brief call to customer service, a new canister was on its way, free of charge. They really do have the best customer service and the best warranty (7 years) for a blender. 

Using my Vitamix, I can make soups without having to turn on the stove. I put in the raw vegetables, turn it on, and it will blend it to soup and get it steaming hot. If you like chunky soup, just leave a portion of the vegetables and add them towards the end. I’ve made raw cookies, without having to use the oven, mixer, or food processor. Pecan Pie Babies are a favorite around our house, and I can make them in the Vitamix in a matter of minutes. Our 3.5 year old son loves helping in the kitchen and the Vitamix has made it very easy. He made his own cranberry sauce for Thanksgiving this year (by himself), all using the Vitamix. Our 18 month daughter is just starting to want to help in the kitchen, and it is very easy to let her drop ingredients in the Vitamix through the lid. 

If you haven’t noticed, I always refer to it as our Vitamix, not “blender”, because it really is much more than a blender to me. Before we got the Vitamix, we went through at least 2 blenders a year. We’ve now had the Vitamix for over 3 years, and I won’t go back to any other blender.

Check it out HERE on Amazon.

We launched online personal training!!!

302 Fitness is excited to announce online personal training as a new option to get you to your health and fitness goals. This style of personal training is rapidly growing nationwide because it allows you to have a custom workout plan and someone to hold you accountable for a fraction of the cost of private 1-on-1 sessions. Furthermore, plans are designed so you can be anywhere in the world and use whatever equipment you have available. Some clients are in the gym, others in the home, and a few even like to take it outside.

John Lehne has experience with those new to exercise to conditioned athletes in most sports, from ages 12 to 75, from the skinny looking to bulk up to the morbidly obese wanting to lose weight and move without pain. He is also experienced with a multitude of injuries and other physical limitations. Whatever your goals are he can get you there safe, effectively, and keep you there.

Why waste time doing exercises that aren't going to get you the results you want? Why worry about time allotment and how to get the most out of it? Let us take care of all that, and have a fitness professional a few 'clicks' of the phone away. 302 Fitness's plans start at $79 per month, and includes support via email, text, and/or phone call. 

Check it out HERE or call us today at (302)745-8338.