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For those of you that haven't noticed the new tab at the top of the page, we at 302 Fitness have started doing one time small group clinics. Some are designed to be monthly while others are a one time thing, and lastly some are with guest businesses from other towns. All of these offer a wealth of knowledge and will ensure you get more out of it then what you pay for. 

The first one released was the Lower Back Pain Relief and Prevention Clinic. This is taught by John Lehne, who has used his experience personal training those with pain over the years to alleviate lower back pain through exercise and, with continued practice of the movements taught, prevent its return. This is currently offered twice monthly and has a limited size of 6 persons.  

Releasing today is Lymphedema Prevention Through Exercise. This will also be taught by John Lehne, who is lower Delaware's only cancer exercise specialist, and is broken into two back to back clinics. The first clinic is upper body lymphedema and the second is lower body. There will be a discount for those who wish to attend both. 

Currently in the works and to be added soon is a meditation through yoga and acupuncture taught by Lauren Mund, owner of Blue Heron Community Acupuncture and RYT200 certified. There is also plans to bring in a MELT Method clinic, a speed class for runners looking to lower their 5k times, and many more. 

302 Fitness Readers' Choice Award


First of all I want to say thank you to all that have taken the time to vote for us in the best trainer category. We love the support and are giving all voters $10 off an one hour personal training session.

For all of those that haven't voted yet we only have until the end of the week to win this, so please help by going to Readers' Choice '14 and clicking on us. Thanks again for your help, without you we wouldn't have a chance. 

Redesign and New Lower Pricing for Online Training

302 Fitness has redesigned its online training and made it more affordable for everyone at less then $1.50 per day. You can purchase one month at a time or more. This is now designed for those who want a great workout without having to think about it, or for those struggling to reach their individual goals. Available for anyone in the world that is a gym goer or stay at home, there's a custom plan for you.

Going on vacation or travel a lot? Plans can be developed for your hotel room, the beach, gym, or anywhere you are comfortable working out. 

Please check it out HERE and sign up to start your road to a leaner, stronger, healthier you today! 

302 Fitness's Top 5 Most Frequently Asked Questions

What is 302 Fitness? 

302 Fitness is a non-gym. A non-gym is a gym like the any other, but without sign-up fees, memberships, contracts, or other people. It is an appointment based, private studio where you come to workout with your personal trainer to obtain the best results in your life. With professional staff, chemical free cleaners, tinted windows, and your choice in music you can be assured to have a great workout every time without feeling that others are staring because you are overweight, inexperienced, or using lower weights. 

So how does 302 Fitness make money without sign-up fees, or memberships? 

Simple; it relies on personal training and obtaining results to retain its client base. Since we care you are here and want/need you to come back we focus on your specific needs and goals every time you walk in the door. 

Then how do you find new clientele? 

Mostly recommendations and referrals. The results we get from our current clients is usually enough to pull their friends and coworkers in, but every now and then we hit the local farmers market, hand out flyers, or run a small ad. 

Do you offer anything else if personal training isn’t for me?

Of course we do. We have a selection of small group workouts like Zumba, Zumba Sentao, 684 Circuit, Push Run and more. We do stress that they are small groups, as in a max of 8 people in per class. This allows us to focus on you more if you are not doing an exercise correctly while still being able to give attention to the other participants. Remember there’s only one instructor teaching a class if there were 30 people in it we couldn’t help correct everyone that might need it. 

What the @#$% is Zumba Sentao? 

Zumba Sentao is a twist on the original Zumba class by incorporating a folding chair and centering the dance moves around it. Using the chair also allows the instructor (Tanja) to add in strength training exercises like chair dips, single leg calf raises, chair pushups, and more. The chair also helps in aiding in balance when needed.

We made the papers and the local news!!

If you haven't noticed on our Facebook page or twitter feed we have been getting published A LOT this past week. I decided it would be nice for myself and anyone else to find it all in one place. The only video I can't get a link to is the WRDE NBC 6pm news from July 30th (a 15 second clip is located below).

These are about DEDO's Project Pop-up which 302 Fitness partook in in 2013. If you are interested in opening your own business and want to alleviate some of the stress of opening a new business this is the way to do it. Feel free to contact me if you have questions. The deadline application in August 6th.

See our logo, store front, and name drop on WBOC HERE

Read the article in the Cape Gazette HERE

Watch the article from WMDT HERE

Mentioned and quoted in the Coast Press HERE

Sussex Countian article is available HERE

DEDO's Project Pop-up Video can be found HERE as well as one just about 302 Fitness HERE

Clipped down version of WRDE NBC news via instagram is HERE (sorry for the poor video quality)