Sweet Potato Season Equals More Recipes!

This is my favorite time of the year to eat sweet potatoes. There are so many great ways to eat them; they are so versatile! And you can’t beat buying them fresh from Brittingham’s produce! Here are just a few ways we enjoy eating them. 

Roasted Sweet Potatoes with Honey & Cinnamon 

(modified from http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/tyler-florence/roasted-sweet-potatoes-with-honey-butter-recipe.html)

2 sweet potatoes

1/8 cup coconut oil

2 tbsp raw, local honey

1 tbsp ground cinnamon

sprinkle of salt & pepper

Wash, peel and dice the sweet potatoes into bite size pieces. Put them all in a cast iron skillet. Toss with coconut oil, honey, and cinnamon. Sprinkle with a dash of salt and a half dash of pepper. Toss again to make sure it is evenly coated. Cook in the oven at 375 F for 25 minutes. 

The sweetness of the potatoes and coconut oil, mixed with just a hint of salt is great!

Sweet Potato Fries

1 large sweet potato

1 tbsp olive oil

salt (to taste)

pepper (to taste)

Wash and slice the sweet potatoes into skinny strips. Place in a large bowl and toss with a drizzle of olive oil. Lay in a single layer on a baking sheet. Sprinkle with salt and pepper. 

Bake in the oven at 350F for about 10 minutes. Flip them over, and bake for another 10-15 minutes.

Sweet Potato Discs

1 large sweet potato

1 tbsp melted coconut oil

salt (to taste)

pepper (to taste)

thyme (to taste)(fresh is preferred)

Wash and slice the sweet potatoes into discs as thin as possible. You can use a mandolin to do this. Toss them in a bowl with coconut oil, salt, pepper, and thyme. I think using less pepper, a little salt, and more thyme gives the best flavor. Lay in a single layer on a baking sheet and bake at 350F for 15-20 minutes, flipping half way through.

by Emily

Amanda - Chapter 1

Amanda is the newest volunteer to blog about her life and her journey to getting healthy. She is one of my online clients. I want to thank her for allowing us to follow her progress and disclosing information that most would not. Look for chapter 2 in 3 to 4 weeks.

Ok...intro blog. Here goes...bear with me as I have never done anything like this, and generally ask people to edit me because I am usually just a stream of thoughts.  

Let me start with who I am.  Hopefully, you will find something about me that is common ground.  I am a mother of three, twin two year olds (a boy, Kaleb and a girl, Kennedy) and a six year old (Mackenna). I work full time as a teacher in a two year old room in a preschool. And when I say I work full time I mean I work between 45 and 50 hours a week, not including my lunch break.  My day begins anywhere between 5 (when Kaleb wakes up) and 6 (when my alarm goes off). There is a rush of busy busy as I dress the kids and my wife preps their lunches. I grab something fast for breakfast, or if I'm lucky, I thought to blend a smoothie the night before and drink that. My quick meal is usually a carnation instant breakfast, an apple, a cereal bar, or nothing. Yes, I commit the first blunder of nutrition often, and skip breakfast. We are out the door by 6:45 and it's time to drive everyone to where they need to be. Then off to work for me where I lift, chase, change, wrestle, snuggle, and play with anywhere from 10-13 two year olds. I love my job, but it is high stress and I deal with stress with food. Well, let's be honest here, I deal with life with food. Stressed?  I eat. Bored?  I eat. Busy?  I eat. I eat what is around me. I have an endless supply of snacks at school, both salty and sweet and because of this I know I can eat whenever I want. Anyway, back to my day. Between 1 and 3 is nap time. I clean the room, clean up after the little rascals, do my paperwork, and take some time to decompress (if I can, I read. I love reading). Then at 3 o'clock, it's back outside to chase those kiddos around again. Get out of work around 5:30, do the rounds of pickups, get home, make a quick dinner, eat as a family (this is a priority) then bath, time with the kids, and bed. Are you tired yet?  Because by 8 o clock when life is settling around this house, so am I!  So I veg out in front of the tv with a snack, and then I am usually asleep by 10. 

So, why am I doing this?  We'll, I have let myself go.  As I start on this journey I am weighing in at a very large 275 pounds. I am 5'6". When I met my wife I was 140 pounds, active, happy, and didn't have  a care in the world.  But as time went on I ate, and I worked. I stopped caring about what I ate. I lived on my own for the first time, so I ate crap. Fast food, out to dinner every night, ordering lunch at work every day.  I lived in a house with 4 roommates, So I had money to spare. As time goes on I made little adjustments and excuses. My marriage happened and I continued to let myself go.  Before children beer was a good friend of mine.  As I gained weight, the mirrors in my house moved up. We had children, so I became too busy.  We had more children, I became busier. Now I am SO busy, but because of my children I know need to be healthy. I'm not healthy. So I guess the point of this blog is to tell you what adjustments a normal, busy, working class mom can make to make both her life and her families lives healthier.  Please join me on my journey. The only way I can make this successful is if I am held accountable. So please, ask questions, join in, offer your thoughts, and help me become a better person by becoming a healthier person.

I would also like to take a minute now to thank John for helping me when I feel like a lost cause. Together, we will make my story a success story. I do not think that this is going to be an easy journey without bumps along the way, but I hope that with his (and your) support, these bumps are just speed bumps in my journey and not mountains to climb.  Thanks for taking the time to read and follow my journey!


November Group Class Schedule

A few changes for our group classes this month. Saturday's classes are swapped, with Ab Lab at 9:00am and the Run Clinic moving to 9:30am.

We also have a new class, 25x25, which is one set of 25 exercises for 25 reps to be done in any order you choose taking breaks if/when needed. Great for the beginner, the pro, the young, or the old. We hope you can come try it out soon. 


  • 8:30 AM- 684 Circuit with John
  • 10:00 AM- 684 Circuit with John 
  • 11:00 AM- Ab Lab with John
  • 6:30 PM- Zumba with Heather 


  • 6:00 AM- Boot Camp with John
  • 4:30 PM- 25 x 25 with John
  • 6:30 PM- Zumba Sentao with Tanja


  • 8:30 AM- Boot Camp with John


  • 6:00 AM- 684 Circuit with John
  • 4:30 PM- 684 Circuit with John 
  • 6:30 PM- 684 Circuit with John


  • 8:30 AM- Trainers Choice with John 


  • 9:00 AM- Ab Lab
  • 9:30 AM- Run Clinic

25x25: 25 exercises, 25 reps. Never know what the class will contain. Choose a list at random, complete your exercises in any order, and have a great full body workout for any skill level. John will be there to assist, correct form, and demonstrate anything needed. 

684 Circuit: 6 minutes of cardio, 8 exercise circuit, and a 4 minute core finale. Limit 8 people.

Ab Lab: It’s a 20 minute total core workout with stabilizing movements and strength training that will tone your midsection.  Drop in for only $5!

Boot Camp: Body weight movements that include plyometrics, strength building, and explosive exercises to help you build the strongest body you can. 

Run Clinic: Learn proper technique, warm ups, muscle activation, stretching, good mechanics, and more. 

Trainer's Choice: Whatever the trainers decide. Could be a collaboration of boot camp and circuit, maybe mat pilates or maybe something completely random. This class is designed for all ages and abilities.

Zumba: Combines Latin and International music with a fun and effective workout system. Join the Party! 

Zumba Sentao: Combines strength & resistance training with innovative dance fitness moves all centered around a chair. It tones muscle, strengthens core and torches calories.

John was on 105.9 TalkFM

We were hoping to get this up last week, but new clients, marathon training, and life got in the way.

If you missed it and want to hear our hour on 105.9 TalkFM with John Mixon a couple weeks ago please check it out below. Thanks and sorry for the delay and missed blog post last week. 

Maria - Chapter 2

Here's our latest update from Maria, unedited and completely her own story. We hope you enjoy. 

It has been a month already since I started with John. I have lost 4 pounds so far. I have gained energy and the desire to want to work out and actually enjoying it. It for once does not feel like a job.

I've been attending 4 times a week with classes and personal training. I've enjoyed the different classes and of the 4 weeks I've gone to the same classes, I've never had the exact same exercises cycle in any class. To me, I feel that is great because your body can never get used to the workout. Now that John has classes every day of the week with the exception of Sunday, my new goal is to attend every day and take Sunday off. I still have yet to try the Zumba class as babysitting is still difficult to come by. It's a work in progress.

As for the low carb diet, it is coming along slowly. The lettuce idea did not work so well for my kids or husband so weve switched to using wraps instead of bread. So far, that seems to be working. Its been a challenge to get my oldest to want to eat healthy foods and often refuses to eat at all if its not chicken nuggets or peanut butter and jelly. We've eliminated all pasta and breads so at least its not available to use. I've still struggled with trying to eat. Lately I've only been eating one meal a day and I know that's not healthy so, I need to work on a better plan for that. We're looking for different ideas on meal plans. Cooking meals for the week, while a great idea, after having the same meal 2-3 times in a week, you tend to get tired of the same thing.

So, while there is still some trial and error on the side of food and the babysitting, I've enjoyed being able to work on my health and look forward to continuing to do so. Still trying to get my husband motivated and that has not been easy on the exercise or food front. Hopefully by me setting an example will eventually motivate him.